Guest Post: Spanish Tomato Rice by Prachi Garg

Another guest post from one of my feblogger friend Prachi who blogs at Divine Spice Box.  Met her through food groups and then we worked on a few things together.  She is a very talented blogger, photographer, and a writer.   One day I was chatting with her and just asked her if she would want to share my space as a guest, she didn’t even think twice.  Prachi’s creates fusion recipes and has an awesome.  She brought this vibrant looking Spanish Tomato Rice from her kitchen.  Do check out her blog for her lovely creations.

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Tomato Dal Rasam

Festivities begin from the middle of August with Rakhsabandhan being the first and then we have all the festivals from different parts of the country one after the other.  We just got done with Ganesh Chaturthi and now we have Onam.  Parvathy, one of my fellow blogger asked us if we would like to part of the Onam collective.  I said yes and didn’t know what will I be making.  I am a big fan of South Indian food and this was an awesome chance for me try something new.  I researched a little bit and decided to make Tomato Dal Rasam.

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Phaliya Aloo (Green Beans & Potatoes)

So, how is everyone doing?  Hope you all are enjoying your summer.  Its almost to the end and we will all have to get back to our daily routine.  Once you go back in to your routine, you need those easy recipes where you don’t spend too much time especially on week days.  Today I am bringing a simple dish called Phaliya Aloo which is flavorful and easy is to prepare.

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Breads Collage

Bread Collective

Bread is a staple food from around the world and comes in different shapes and forms.  A mixture of flour and water which can be either baked or pan fried depending on which part of the world or region it comes from.  Today I am bringing you all a Bread Collective which is an effort put together by few of my very talented fellow bloggers.

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