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Snacks, Vrat Special (Fasting)

Masala Makhana

Makhana is also known as fox nuts, gorgon nut, Euryale Ferox and is from the flowering plant in the water lily family.  It is cultivated for its white seeds which are edible.  In most of the Indian subcontinent, Makhana is considered auspicious and used in the prasad (offering) and is also used in day to day […]


Poha Chivda Mix

Diwali is around the corner and I am sure you all preparing for the festival of lights.  Do you all make sweets at home or get it from the market?  I used to buy it from the market but for the past few years I have started making it at home. When we talk about […]


Urad Dal ki Kachori

Every household has a different way of making kachoris, especially the filling.  I grew up with urad dal ki kachori, so this Diwali I was trying to figure out what to cook different for my daughter as we were planning on having chaat papri and some snack items so that we don’t have to eat […]


Crispy Tikoni Mini Mathis

Started Diwali preparations with a crispy and savory snack which reminds me of my childhood in India.  When I was in India, I still remember when we used to go to this one bakery all the time, Ranbir Bakery for all our snacks, and pastries.

Vrat Special (Fasting)

Mix Fruit Chaat

So, they say one should at least five fruits a day..But do you think anyone eats as recommended, I don’t think so.  People like me who are lazy to cut fruits for myself or sometimes, I will forget..There are so many excuses..  Today I made this fruit Mix fruit Chaat which is an awesome way […]