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Guest Post: Quinoa Poha by Swati Goyal

Are you all ready to meet another talented blogger?  Meet Swati Goyal who blogs at Let’s Cook Healthy Tonight and believes in cooking healthy and delicious food.  I met her through Sonal who is a fellow blogger and we worked together on creating diabetic friendly recipes.  I asked a few fellow bloggers if they would […]


Poha Chivda Mix

Diwali is around the corner and I am sure you all preparing for the festival of lights.  Do you all make sweets at home or get it from the market?  I used to buy it from the market but for the past few years I have started making it at home. When we talk about […]


Kanda Batata Poha

Kanda Poha is one of the most popular breakfast for Maharashtrians.  Kanda means onion and Poha is flattened rice.  Gujarati’s and Punjabi’s added potato to it which is what Batata means.  This is such an easy and quick dish to prepare when you are craving something savory yet delicious.    Kanda Batata Poha can be […]