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From the oven

Jeera Cookies (Cumin Cookies)

Jeera Cookies also called jeera biscuits back in India.  We used to go these bakeries where they will be freshly made everyday. These cookies makes me nostaligic as they remind me of my childhood days.  Those days when we had nothing to worry about other than just school, have fun with friends.


Poha Chivda Mix

Diwali is around the corner and I am sure you all preparing for the festival of lights.  Do you all make sweets at home or get it from the market?  I used to buy it from the market but for the past few years I have started making it at home. When we talk about […]


Moong Dal Chilla (Savory Lentil Pancake)

A very healthy, nutritious replacement for carbs.  This Moong Dal Chilla is very tasty & high in protein.  If  you are looking to be on a no-carb diet, look no further.  Loved the way it tasted. Ingredients: 1 cup Moong dal (yellow) 1 green chilli small piece of ginger green part of scallions or Chopped […]