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Black Bean & Red Pepper Quinoa

Quinoa a high protein and fiber, a versatile grain with a mild nutty flavor, which can be used in desserts, breakfast, salads.  I have been wanting to make something with quinoa for a while, after seeing such lovely posts from foodies on the different food groups.   This is the first time ever I have […]


Moong Dal Chilla (Savory Lentil Pancake)

A very healthy, nutritious replacement for carbs.  This Moong Dal Chilla is very tasty & high in protein.  If  you are looking to be on a no-carb diet, look no further.  Loved the way it tasted. Ingredients: 1 cup Moong dal (yellow) 1 green chilli small piece of ginger green part of scallions or Chopped […]