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Homemade Kadhai Masala

So what is a Kadhai?   Kadhai means “wok” in Indian and Masala means “spice mix’.  In Indian cuisine, there are a few dishes which are made in the kadhai and are much more on the drier side than the gravy or curry.  I personally love the kadhai dishes as I love dishes with less gravy […]

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Sambhar Powder

Sambhar Powder, one of the most important ingredient specially in South Indian cuisine. There are so many brands out there who have the ready to use spices that we can use and make our life easier.  But there is nothing like making your own spice mix as you know what was used and of course […]


Homemade Paneer (Cottage Cheese)

Paneer, an Indian version of cottage cheese is one of the favorites from an adult to kids of any ages.  Nowadays, you can buy everything readymade but making at home is so much better as you know what went in there, no preservatives nothing.  I try to make it home whenever possible, if I can’t […]


Fresh Homemade Salsa

When it comes to raw tomatoes, I am so picky.  I don’t like those big chunks of tomatoes, don’t know why?  I have given them a try a few times, but no luck.  When I cook too, I try to use as much tomato puree as I can wherever possible. I always used to buy […]