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Vegetarian Main Course

Mooli ki Sabzi

Do you all love the greens?  I love all types of greens and these radish leaves are one of my favorite type of greens. Mooli is a winter radish which is called daikon and is more popular in the Southeast Asia region. Daikon comes from two Japanese words, dai means large and kon means root. […]


Achaari Aloo

Aloo, being everyone’s favorite is made often in most of the households.  My kids love aloo, so does my husband.  I was thinking of making a different flavor in aloo, so planned on making Achaari Aloo (Pickled Potatoes).

Indian, Vrat Special (Fasting)

Punjabi Tari Wale Aaloo

Every household has a different way of making this dish.  My daughter loves aaloo in any shape or form.  I don’t know any kid who doesn’t like aaloo.  In fact it is an all time favorite amongst adults and children.  Punjabis tend to use aloo with every vegetable they make such as gobhi aaloo, baigan […]