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Mexican Quinoa Salad

Summers are around the corner and I am sure you all love the salads as much as I do.. Sometimes I don’t feel like cooking an elaborate meal, do you all feel the same or is it just me? Specially in summer, kitchen is not a friendly place to be..hehe… I had so much quinoa […]


Guest Post: Quinoa Poha by Swati Goyal

Are you all ready to meet another talented blogger?  Meet Swati Goyal who blogs at Let’s Cook Healthy Tonight and believes in cooking healthy and delicious food.  I met her through Sonal who is a fellow blogger and we worked together on creating diabetic friendly recipes.  I asked a few fellow bloggers if they would […]


Quinoa Potato Cutlets

Schools are going to open soon here in the US.  Once again we mothers have to think of what can we give our kids for lunch which is healthy and tasty. Its a task to think of new ideas as these kids get bored so quickly too.  Quinoa Potato Cutlets is what I came up with […]


Quinoa Pilaf

I have been thinking of trying the Quinoa Pilaf for a while now, but didn’t get a chance.  Made this a few days back after my friend Sonal’s (simplyvegetarian777) Quinoa Pulao post.  She gave me the motivation to finally make this pilaf and I am thinking why did I not make it before.