Diabetes Friendly

Diabetes Friendly, Indian

Moong Dal Kebab Wrap-DFT

Celebrate the month of May with team DFT, indulging on some delicious and hearty  wraps that are diabetic friendly and weight watchers friendly.  For this month’s theme, I am bringing Moong Dal Kebab Wrap which is not just healthy but came out super delicious, specially when you want your kids to eat lentils.

Diabetes Friendly

Nam Sod- DFT

March is the month of start of Spring and cleansing of house and yards and discarding the old and welcoming the new. Lets begin the onset of spring with some healthy Protein Packed Salads!!!  What a healthy way to start your spring/summer, isn’t?  I am bringing an authentic Thai Minced Chicken Salad called Nam Sod.