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Vegetarian Main Course

Mooli ki Sabzi

Do you all love the greens?  I love all types of greens and these radish leaves are one of my favorite type of greens. Mooli is a winter radish which is called daikon and is more popular in the Southeast Asia region. Daikon comes from two Japanese words, dai means large and kon means root. […]

Indian, Soups

Lentil Soup

Who doesn’t like soups in the cold wintery night?  It has been cold here in NY and NJ area.  Had snow twice last week, it wasn’t much but still the temperatures drop to 7 degrees and felt like it was in minus.

Indian, Instant Pot, Vegetarian Main Course

Sarson ka Saag (Mustard Greens) | Stovetop and Instant Pot Method

With the winter chill slowly setting in and the temperature dropping, it’s a perfect time to enjoy Sarson ka Saag.  A North Indian winter delicacy from the state of Punjab which needs no introduction.   This rustic dish is made with a combination of mustard greens, spinach, methi leaves (fenugreek)along with aromatic spices that will definitely tickle […]