DFT 1st Anniversary

This month we are celebrating DFT’s (Diabetes Friendly Thursdays) 1st Anniversary. This wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for my awesome team!  I still can’t believe how time has flown. One year is already in the books.

Collection of my few recipes


Creating Recipes with a Cause! I am a proud DFT blogger. To learn about DFT, click here !! view more DFT recipes, Click here!

What do you do for an anniversary? You celebrate! In order to do this we decided to showcase our favorite recipes. We went back and dug up some classics.

I have been a food blogger for 2 years now. I happen to meet Sonal via Facebook food groups whose blog, www.simplyvegetarian777.com is well known in the food blogging arena. Sonal is one of those people who are always there to help people whatever way she can.

Sonal decided to start something that would benefit people who have diabetes. Her master plan was to start blogging diabetes friendly recipes and Diabetes Friendly Thursdays (DFT ) was born. She reached out to me, and some of other bloggers to join this great cause.   I was so thrilled!  Not only could I learn more about diabetes but it would also benefit my husband who suffers from diabetes. DFT is a great platform that gives me a chance to create great dishes without losing the taste.

What keeps me motivated? The opportunity to help others with diabetes but also challenges my cooking as we have different themes each month. I can still create great tasting dishes but I also get to learn from other team members to create more sizzling dishes. DFT has given me the platform to enhance my skills.

Click on the pictures for the recipes

Daal Macaroni


Cajun Cauliflower Bites

DSC_4309 copy

Quinoa Pilaf with Soy Kebabs

DSC_4038 copy

Nam Sod- Thai Chicken Salad

IMG_3785 copy

Collard Greens with Chana

DSC_4232 copy3

Veg Quesadillas


Veg Chilli



I am not a nutritionist or dietician. My knowledge and information is based on my research and reading from different resources. Please consult your doctor or dietician before making any changes to your diet.


Meet my fantastic team members and check out their anniversary collection along with other recipes.

Sonal :  www.simplyvegetarian777.com

Shailja:  www.shailjatomar.wordpress.com

Swati:  www.letscookhealthytonight.com

Suchi:  www.sus-healthy-living.blogspot.com

Parvathy: www.crackleandtemper.wordpress.com

Apsara:  www.eatingwelldiary.com










  1. Love your collection Sarika! Each of the featured recipes are very innovative and unique. It has been a very enriching experience to be a part of this amazing team!

  2. Great collection of recipes here, Sarika. Wonderful to have connected with you through DFT. Happy DFT anniversary!

  3. Loved your collection Sarika especially dal macaroni which is something totally new for me .. Loved that you are back in the group…

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