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Moong Daal ka Halwa (Lentil Fudge)

A Rajasthani delicacy enjoyed specially in the winter time.  This fudge takes a lot of effort and time make, but all this time and effort is worth it.  This is my Mom’s recipe and she has some kind of magic in her hands.  She doesn’t measure anything and everything comes out super delicious.


Sooji Ladoo

Diwali preparations are still going on in every household, from cleaning to making sweets, preparing lovely snacks…This year Diwali falls on Oct 23rd which is a weekday, so the festivities are not going to be elaborate specially in the US.  There will be an evening Puja along with some yummy food and sweets.


Quick Milk Pedha (Microwave)

So this morning I was rushing to see what I can make for our Diwali event as I had plans  for the day and probably couldn’t make anything until tomorrow.  But wanted to make something today itself.  Decided to make Quick Milk Pedha, which I remembered was posted by so many people on different food […]


Mawa Gujiya | A traditional Holi recipe

Mawa Gujiya is a crispy and flaky dumpling with coconut and mawa filling.  These dumplings are deep-fried or now baked due to health reasons. This recipe is made for festivals especially Holi which is around the corner.  In North India, Holi is incomplete without gujiyas and Carrot Khanji (close to Kamboocha here).