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Egg Curry

Egg curry is one of the easiest and quickest curry you can make.  There are so many different ways to make this curry.  Today I am sharing with you the North Indian version.  So, I told my daughter I will make egg curry for dinner today and she goes can you add some potatoes to […]

Indian, Vrat Special (Fasting)

Punjabi Tari Wale Aaloo

Every household has a different way of making this dish.  My daughter loves aaloo in any shape or form.  I don’t know any kid who doesn’t like aaloo.  In fact it is an all time favorite amongst adults and children.  Punjabis tend to use aloo with every vegetable they make such as gobhi aaloo, baigan […]


Kebab Curry

I saw these kebabs sitting in my freezer which were leftovers from a get together.  I was like what can I do with these kebabs which are only enough for a couple of people.  So I decided to make kebab curry which came out surprisingly delicious.  Hope you all like it too. Ingredients: 3-4 readymade […]