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Quick Milk Pedha (Microwave)

So this morning I was rushing to see what I can make for our Diwali event as I had plans  for the day and probably couldn’t make anything until tomorrow.  But wanted to make something today itself.  Decided to make Quick Milk Pedha, which I remembered was posted by so many people on different food […]

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Oreo Cookie Cake

There are so many instances when I have a box of Oreo cookies and no one wants to finish them.  Recently, I saw this Oreo Cookie Cake posted by Ruchi and I was like great, I can use the packet that I have in my  pantry.  I am not a chocolate person at all, but […]

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Khandvi (Microwave)

Khandvi is a savoury snack from the state of Gujarat, which can be enjoyed at any time of the day.  Today I was in a mood for something light, so decided to make Khandvi which I have tried making a several times but failed.  I want to thank Shital Ashar from Shital’s Kitchen whose recipe […]