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Diabetes Friendly

Nam Sod- DFT

March is the month of start of Spring and cleansing of house and yards and discarding the old and welcoming the new. Lets begin the onset of spring with some healthy Protein Packed Salads!!!  What a healthy way to start your spring/summer, isn’t?  I am bringing an authentic Thai Minced Chicken Salad called Nam Sod.


Pad Kee Mao (Drunken Noodles)

What can I say about Thai food?  It is such a lovely blend of so many different cuisines which makes this cuisine super delicious.   I tasted Thai food about 21 years back cooked by uncle who was a chef in Thailand and since then haven’t looked back.  So before moving to NJ from FL, […]


Baigan ka Bhartaa

Baigan ka bhartaa was not my cup of tea as I am not a big fan of tomatoes specially raw and this dish will be incomplete without a good amount of tomatoes.  My mom used to say before I got married, that what will you do if you will have to eat it at your […]


Kebab Curry

I saw these kebabs sitting in my freezer which were leftovers from a get together.  I was like what can I do with these kebabs which are only enough for a couple of people.  So I decided to make kebab curry which came out surprisingly delicious.  Hope you all like it too. Ingredients: 3-4 readymade […]


Achaari Gobhi ( Pickled Cauliflower)

Spicy gobhi full of flavor in the achaar (pickle) masala.  Had an idea on how to make this dish, but still wanted to take a sneak peak.  Searched on the net and came across Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe so I decided to watch his video.  Glad I did that, because his secret ingredient made this dish […]