Spring Green Salad

Salad is something light, that doesn’t have to be leafy vegetable which is served cold or at moderate temperature.  There are so many different types of salads out there.  I like spring mix greens a lot specially combined with some kind of fruit.  This is a very easy and quick salad which can be made when you don’t have too much time on your hand.



  • 1 Packet Spring Green Mix
  • 1 Naval Orange
  • 1 tsp of dried cranberries
  • 1 tsp sunflower seeds
  • 1/2 cucumber cubed
  • 2 boiled eggs (I used egg whites only)
  • 1 Morningstar Farms Chic pattie
  • Simply Dressed Pomegranate Dressing
Directions:Boil the eggs and set aside. Also cook the soy patti and cut it into strips or as you like.  In a mixing bowl, add the spring greens, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, naval orange, and cucumber.
Also cut the egg whites and add to the mix along with the soy protein. If you don’t have the soy patti then you can also add tofu cubes, which can be shallow fried.  If you are a non-vegetarian you can replace the soy protein with grilled chicken too.
In the summer time, I always add mango and strawberry as a fruit instead of oranges.  Add the desired amount of dressing and mix well with a pair of tongs or you can use your hands.
Hope you will enjoy this as much as I did.
If you like the recipe, please comment below after you give it a try and share it on Facebook.  Would like to hear from you. Your comments, likes, dislikes, matters to me.  Thank you for stopping by!!
Happy Cooking!!!!!
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