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Kadha Prashad (Attay ka Halwa)

Attay ka Halwa (Wheat Flour Pudding) is also known Kadha Prashad which we get in Gurudwara..  Whenever I make this halwa, it remind me of my days in India when me and my landlord’s daughter used to go to the Gurudwara every Saturday and enjoy the prashad.  Those were the days, when there was no […]


Gulab Jamun

This is 100th post on my blog today and I wanted to make something sweet.  Also it happens to be India’s 68th Independence day today.  What better way to celebrate them together.  I want to thank all my readers for giving me all your support and motivation.


Chocolate Fudge with Nuts

Traditionally, we give mithai (Indian Sweets) when we do the Rakhi Ceremony.   I have been thinking what should I do, as I refused to give Indian sweets.  So this time I decided to do something different and I wanted to make it myself too..  which will be made with love.


Mango Fruit Custard

The first time I ate this dessert was at my mom’s house for the pooja. Since then this is one of my favorite dessert which is light and not too sweet.  Last Friday I had guests over and I was like I want to make something which is quick, easy and can be made ahead of […]

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Quick n Easy Kulfi

Kulfi is an Indian style ice-cream which can be made by adding different flavors such as badam, pistachio, kesar, elaichi.  This is a very quick and easy version that I have learned from my mom’s friend.  We absolutely loved it.  The traditional way takes a little longer. Ingredients: 1 can of sweetened condense milk (14 […]