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Guest Post: Quinoa Poha by Swati Goyal

Are you all ready to meet another talented blogger?  Meet Swati Goyal who blogs at Let’s Cook Healthy Tonight and believes in cooking healthy and delicious food.  I met her through Sonal who is a fellow blogger and we worked together on creating diabetic friendly recipes.  I asked a few fellow bloggers if they would […]

Appetizers, Indian

Sprouted Moong Daal Chaat

Sprouted Moong Daal Chaat, another healthy snack from my kitchen.  Are you all into chapata stuff?  I am for sure.  You can give me anything chatpata and I will enjoy it any time of the day.  It is one of the popular recipe which can be prepared ahead of time if you want to serve […]

Diabetes Friendly

Nam Sod- DFT

March is the month of start of Spring and cleansing of house and yards and discarding the old and welcoming the new. Lets begin the onset of spring with some healthy Protein Packed Salads!!!  What a healthy way to start your spring/summer, isn’t?  I am bringing an authentic Thai Minced Chicken Salad called Nam Sod.

Desserts, Indian

Dates & Nuts Roll

Dates & Nuts Roll, a naturally sweetened sweet/dessert for all those who have a sweet tooth and don’t want to add more calories for the day.   This is an awesome way to use nuts which usually stay in the pantry as we forget to eat them.